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De Cecco

Producing high-quality pasta since 1886 De Cecco is regarded both within Italy and throughout the world as Italy’s premium pasta brand. Their success has been so great, that they are now the 3rd largest pasta producers in the world. The premium range has grown to include canned tomatoes, sauces and extra virgin olive oil.

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  1. De Cecco Spaghetti De Cecco Spaghetti

    Spaghetti 500g


    R 35.00
    Spaghetti the most famous format born in the South of Italy and in the cities with the greatest concentration of pasta factories: Naples, Genoa and Liguria in general. The Spaghetto is a long rod pasta format with a round section with a diameter ranging between 1,92 and 2,00 mm Learn More
  2. Rigatoni 500g Rigatoni 500g
  3. Napoletana Sauce 400g Napoletana Sauce 400g
  4. Linguine 500g Linguine 500g
  5. Orecchiette 500g Orecchiette 500g
  6. Bucatini Bucatini

    Bucatini 500g


    R 35.00
    Bucatini (pasta rods) are long strands of pasta with a round pierced section and a typical Neapolitan speciality. Their thickness can vary between 0,98 and 1,08 and have a 3 mm diameter Learn More
  7. Penne Rigate 500g Penne Rigate 500g
  8. Passata Tomatoes 700g Passata Tomatoes 700g
  9. Fusilli 500g Fusilli 500g

    Fusilli 500g


    R 35.00
  10. Farfalle 500g Farfalle 500g

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